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​About the studio

Thank you for visiting the studio homepage.

Our studio started from a small public hall in Suita City in March 1991 and has been active for 26 years, during which time it has undergone a transition to <Dance wit Ray> and <YR ZEPHYR>.

At that time, we wanted to make the dance environment even more meaningful, and as a place where we can concentrate on dancing and gain vitality and moisture in our lives, our studio has been renamed to [Body Art Dance Studio] by JR. The school opened in July 2015 in front of Senrioka Station.

Based on the philosophy of [Keep Your Balance], our studio aims to "balance the mind, mind, and body" and "expression that does not shake anything", and strives to be close to the students and aim for the same goal.

Our studio is open to children [4 years old] and adults can take classes at any age.

The lesson level is also aimed at beginners in all classes, and active professional dancers carefully and firmly teach from the basics.

We also offer career counseling to high school students, and we will provide as much support as possible by organizing various programs for those who are aiming to become professionals in the future.

<Career and career path of studio graduates (example)>

・ Professional dancer

・ Contest winner

・ Battle winner

・ USJ Dancer

・ Tokyo Disneyland Dancer

・ Singer's exclusive dancer



・ Entertainment world

·Fashion Model

You don't need any age or experience to start dancing.

However, there is only one thing you need to do. It is a "heart to enjoy".

We look forward to welcoming you all.

​Studio introduction

​We will guide you through our studio. Please see the picture below.


This is the 3rd floor of this building.

Dare? There is no noticeable sign, but

The platform in front of you is JR Senrioka Station, so

You will notice it immediately.


Go up the stairs to the 3rd floor and open the door, which is the lobby of our studio.

You can relax after the lesson.

We also inform you about various dance information here.

[Changing space]

There is also a changing room, although it is not very large.

[Diagonal in the studio]

This is an image of the studio taken from diagonally right behind.

The floor is lined with dance-only seats, making it easy to dance.

There is also a downlight on the ceiling, so you can change the atmosphere and dance.Things are also possible.

[Studio logo]

Inspired by the philosophy of our studio, we asked a professional designer to design it with the concept that any style and shape will be a dance.

I am proud that it is cool.

[Front in the studio]

This is an image of the inside of the studio taken from the front.

The studio space is constructed with the image of a dance studio in New York, and it is easy to create not only the atmosphere but also the image of dance.It is a space.

[Studio character]

The original character of the studio.

I am working hard every day to aim for a unique style.

However, recently, he is an energetic boy who is thinking about recklessly wanting to participate in the Yuru-chara Grand Prix.

・ Favorite food <Taneashi grape>

・ Disliked food <Grape with seeds>

・ Good dance <HIPHOP>

・ Respected person <All dancers in the world>

・ Respected character <Pooh Snoopy>

・ Rival characters <All characters>

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